Realized shortly after I started reading this that my cats' names said nothing about me because I didn't name either of the felines—my boyfriend named one, and the other already had a name when we acquired her. When I fostered kittens last summer I just called them their colors (All-Brown, Brown-And-White, Orange) so… » 7/05/11 2:10am 7/05/11 2:10am

I am BLOWN AWAY that no thread on the first page of comments right now is dedicated to saying that this is a huge deal and he should be fired. This is hate speech. It doesn't matter how insignificant the use of hate speech is relative to actually crashing the plane. Calling him the worst pilot ever may be hyperbolic,… » 6/22/11 11:43pm 6/22/11 11:43pm

I actually think that the US education system could really stand to learn something from Apple's word choice. "What questions do you have?" definitely DOES encourage more response than "Do you have any questions?" to my mind, avoiding saying "unfortunately" would certainly help my phrasing come across as more… » 6/16/11 6:28pm 6/16/11 6:28pm

I think part of the issue is that so many politicians get publicity for doing really terrible things (according to the public opinion, anyway)—extramarital affairs in every city, sleeping with prostitutes, sexual harassment, embezzlement—that a nude pic just seems so trivial. i think nearly anyone not a politician… » 6/14/11 3:53pm 6/14/11 3:53pm

I honestly don't find it that weird that a small child is wearing heels. I know that heels in the adult world are (or can be) a heavily sexualized fashion statement or whatever, but you know what I thought the purpose of heels were as a small child? PRINCESSES. Wearing heels made you a PRINCESS. So go on, little Suri,… » 5/31/11 2:09pm 5/31/11 2:09pm

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the makers of the video gave Hugo's work (at least verbal) credit for helping to inspire the video. No art is totally original at this point but I thought that the video was interesting, engaging, pretty, and as a bonus employed a lot of women (and women of color) who would have a… » 5/25/11 1:16am 5/25/11 1:16am

The situations in which I've heard someone use the term "breeder" are not gender-specific, but refer to people who are both really, really straight and really, really want to have lots of biological children. If the the term was meant to refer specifically to girls and was in the author's voice (not the dude he was… » 4/15/11 4:17am 4/15/11 4:17am

Amanda Bynes: what? Her puppy got lost on the 4th, found dead (??) on the 5th, and replaced on the 11th? I know she says the new puppy is helping her deal with her grief but something about that says "irresponsible pet ownership" to me. Not to mention I absolutely agree with all the comments below about rescuing dogs… » 4/11/11 10:13pm 4/11/11 10:13pm